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Montverde Flooring Showroom

Visit our Montverde flooring showroom and get the best deals for the best flooring products in the city!

attractive residential hardwood floorsAre you looking for new floors? Do you think you need to see the latest products yourself? Or maybe you are searching for inspiration for your new house and floor remodeling project? Check out our Montverde, FL flooring showroom and get the viewing experience you need.

Orlando Flooring Company is a leading Montverde flooring company that has been serving the city for many years. Our inventory shows the best flooring products the industry has to offer. To ensure our product quality, we only partner with the state’s best and most trusted suppliers. Rest assured that anything you choose among our wide range of floor products, you will get its finest version in the market at the best prices possible.

Our floor construction experts will be there for you during your visit. As good as they are in the technical aspect of installing and working on floors, they can also give you stellar recommendations from their professional training and experiences in the floor construction industry. You can ask them all your questions and concerns about getting floors for your home or business establishment. Our goal is to help you find the best possible floor solutions for your space.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our showroom and discuss your floor needs with our experts today!

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Top-Notch Flooring Products

hardwood flooringOur Montverde flooring showroom showcases all our state-of-the-art flooring products, from authentic hardwood floors with glossy finishing to dense, cozy carpet floors with custom designs. Here’s a sneak peek of some of our flooring products and their respective advantages:

Hardwood flooring

When you talk about floors, you can’t ever leave out hardwood in the conversation. Hardwood floors are perhaps the most popular and adored flooring material because of its outstanding look and durability. Although it fades over time, hardwood is known to last for more than a century without losing its elegance and all-natural beauty. It can handle the toughest foot traffic and heaviest objects and furniture. It provides great sound-damping and temperature-regulating functions. It is also available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, patterns, and styles of board and various finishes, like matte, glossy, or textured.

Carpet flooring

If you want a cozy, comfortable, and homey vibe both in appearance and feel, then carpet floors are what you’re looking for. Carpet floors counter the usual toughness of other floor materials like stone, ceramic, or cement. These floor materials might be durable, but prolonged exposure to them can cause foot pain. With carpet floors, you get the softest, most comfortable floor type the industry can offer. Choose among a wide selection of textures, pile heights, density, colors, patterns, materials, and durability features.

Tile flooring

floor tilesTile floors are the most versatile form of floors. They come in an extensive range of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, stone, vinyl, and wood. You can get them in various sizes, shapes, thicknesses, patterns, colors, and textures.

Tile floors are relatively very easy to work with. They are easy to transport and repair when the need arises. Although there is a significant difference in getting professional installation services, many people even install their tile floors because of how easy they can be handled.

Laminate flooring

If you’re looking for an excellent alternative to hardwood floors, one that gives the natural look and durability without the expensive costs, then the multi-layered laminate wood flooring will pique your interest. Get them in virtually every look that hardwood can have, in different wood types, patterns, colors, shapes, and textures.

Luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl can imitate virtually any other floor material, from wood to stone to ceramic. It gives you the freedom to choose any design you want, even artificial styles like grass or abstract paint, without minding the product’s cost or durability. Our Montverde flooring showroom showcases a massive selection of print designs of vinyl floors that you can choose from.

Once you get a good look at our flooring products, you don’t need to look for another company to do your floor repairs, installation, maintenance, finishing, handyman work, replacements, or upgrades. Orlando Flooring Company can provide you with all these services with the utmost professionalism and quality. Our flooring experts are capable of giving flawless floor construction work wherever you may be in Montverde. So make sure you talk to our experts once you’ve chosen your floors during your visit to our Orlando flooring showroom!

Free Consultation with Floor Experts

Liberty Floors company logoIf you have questions regarding our flooring showroom, products, services, and inventory, feel free to contact us. We will lead you to discuss your concerns with one of our floor construction experts. We can’t wait to meet you at our Montverde flooring showroom!

Call Orlando Flooring Company today at (407) 890-1418 for your Free Consultation!

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